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ALLCHOICE Insurance – Jared Bellmund

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I have partnered with ALLCHOICE Insurance to launch an independent insurance agency in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

The Hendersonville Agency is located at 323 N Main Street here in historical Hendersonville

Why ALLCHOICE Insurance?

The first reason. Opportunity.

The opportunity to manage an independent insurance agency in Western North Carolina.

The opportunity to continue to grow as an insurance agent and a business leader in my community.

The opportunity to have a positive impact on the insurance industry for decades to come.

The second reason. Experience.

The experience of operating an agency that will be constantly examining itself to ensure it is providing great products and service for both our clients and our referral partners.

The experience of using contemporary tools as a way to improve the relationship the agency has with our community. ALLCHOICE Insurance takes great pride in providing top-notch Risk Management with great ease and convenience.

The ALLCHOICE website includes a massive amount of insurance education to ensure advice is available at all times. The website also includes a digital Annual Insurance Review, so clients can review their risk at their own convenience. Clients can update their personal information and even begin the Claims Process online. Commercial clients have the ability to obtain a Certificate of Insurance through the website.

ALLCHOICE Insurance has an app for clients that can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store. This Agency App allows direct access to a client’s policy information. A client can download their vehicle ID Card, themselves, whenever they require it. The ALLCHOICE Agency app will walk you through what to do if you’re involved in a car accident. (A great tool for inexperienced drivers) The app also has the ability to record and maintain an inventory of your personal property.

These tools work to create an experience that compliments the personal relationship you have with your local agent.

The third reason. Family.

When making a huge career change like I just did, support of family is super important. I have the full support of my wife, Jenny, in this next step. In fact, it took her sitting me down in our living room, looking me in the eyes and telling me that this opportunity with ALLCHOICE Insurance was what I had been talking about for a while now. Her proclaiming this to me let me know that it was the step I needed to take.

The ALLCHOICE Insurance – Hendersonville Agency has been made possible through a strong partnership with ALLCHOICE Insurance founder, Jack Wingate. Jack has come alongside me to ensure that I am able to accomplish the goals I have for myself and the Hendersonville agency. Jack has ensured that I felt secure and supported in this leap of faith. But, more importantly, he has ensured that my wife, Jenny, is secure in this next career step for me. The decision to join ALLCHOICE Insurance was solidified when Jack, and his wife Melinda, came up the mountain to have lunch with Jenny and I. Jack looked Jenny directly in the eye (there was a lot of this in the decision-making process) and let her know that he and Melinda wanted her to be supported both by me and them. He patiently answered any and all questions Jenny had for him. I knew at that moment that ALLCHOICE Insurance was now home for me and my family.

I take great pleasure in bringing ALLCHOICE Insurance to Western North Carolina.

I look forward to meeting with all my awesome community partners soon to answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, connect with ALLCHOICE Insurance:

Jared Bellmund

Jared Bellmund

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