Wakes Up at 5am.

Alright, here’s the disclaimer.

I don’t wake up at 5:00 am everyday.

Though, I’m certain I wake up at 5:00 am more than most people.
And… I wish I did everyday, because my days are better AND more productive days when I do.

My alarm is set for 4:45 am.

And 5:00 am.

And 5:10 am.

Anyone else who sets alarms this way can immediately relate to not being a morning person.

So, why 5:00 am?

Time with God.

Being up early and alone allows me to set aside time with God first.

As a priority and with purpose.

I struggled for many years with finding time for God.
When I finally made a commitment to myself to do just that, I began at night, right before bed.
I soon found that God was not getting the best of me.
I was tired and unfocused.

So I prioritized my morning for God.

Purposefully choosing to learn about Him, through his Word, each morning.
It allows me time to worship my Lord, in order to be rightly related to God.

It allows me to walk in love as a reflection of Jesus Christ’s love of me.

Time for myself.

It allows me to focus on only one person, me.

No wife, no children, no family, no friends, no co-workers, no clients.

I can focus on my own growth for a few minutes each day. Whether this be reading a book on leadership, or marketing, or blog posts from the insurance industry, or time is spent writing down my thoughts.

This time is prioritized and set aside as time for me.

It let’s me be in the correct mindset as I move into my day.

A mindset focused on serving others now that my own selfish time has been somewhat and partially fulfilled.

Time to manage time.

God & I time and Personal Development time is behind me around 6:00am.

I then take about fifteen minutes and review my schedule for the day.

I take this opportunity to transfer my to-do list into to calendar format.
Ideally, this was already done the night before.

Here’s my method:
I begin by prioritizing my tasks.
This allows me to put focus on my most important tasks first.
These tasks get the best of me early in the day.
The lower priority tasks are put later in time (or during lunch).
Sometimes they are even put off until the next day or later in the week.

I then decide the length of time each task will take to accomplish.
I want to allow enough time to spend quality time doing great work.
I also want to ensure I’m leveraging time and not wasting minutes during the day.

It’s important to look at the day in minutes.
I personally use 15 minute incriments to manage my calendar.
I find that maximiznig my schedule and eliminating as much calendar white-space as possible, leads to more success and productivity.

You WILL fill your time with something, it should be activities of YOUR choosing.

Why 5am?

Because it consistently produces my best days.

The days in which I awake at 5am – I am more loving – more kind – more courageous – more selfless – more productive.

All in all, I have a good day.

If you have read this far. THANK YOU!
I’m going to break down more of my #hashtags in future blog posts.
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Let’s Gooooo!
Jared Bellmund

Jared Bellmund

Wakes up at 5am. Daily fights the good fight. Prides himself in never being out worked.  Always making moves, and never making excuses. Strives to be awesome. Let’s Gooooo!

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